Company Profile

Its worldwide recognition & fame have inspired its artist, mechanic & consultant to keep up to date with the present world regarding the use of the best technology available in this sector. Golden Crest is fully different in serving its clients according to their demand & taste through its full fledged effort to serve the best across the world.

Artisian MS produces all Type Signees, Wooden and Steel Fabrication works, Gold and Silver Plating, Handicrafts, Leather Products, Interior Decoration, Crystal goods.

Artisian MS is supplying metallic Gift items to Prime Minister’s office Bangladesh, Defence forces organizations and other organizations at home and abroad e.g. American Embassy, British Aid Workshop, ASEAN, Embassy of Qatar, Brunei, Danish, Norway, Malaysia and also Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, East Timor, Sieraleon, Haiti (U.S.A), Japan, Australia and other Countries where the UN forces, Saudi Arabia Defence were employed and worked.